Wednesday , 17 October 2018

Cyprus Gamer Team

  • Stefanos Loizides

    I was there when it all began. Started playing Minesweeper & Solitaire on my first PC. From there on I tried so many games on every console. Big part of my gaming life was consumed by Metal gear Solid, Pro Evo, Battlefield 2, Call of Duty 4, Age of Conan, Diablo3, Dota2. Proud member and later leader of the Cyprus Elite Military Unit (CEMU) local clan which was the pioneer in its kind in terms of organization, discipline and real life bond between its members. Basically my second family for such a long time. I helped to provide the local community, through my contacts, free access to local dedicated public servers for Battlefield series, Call of Duty series, Counter strike series, Teamspeak servers and more. And always remember: "We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing." - George Bernard Shaw
  • TZAA

    it all started with Monkey Island, the rest is history... co-founder and graphic designer of
  • Τζιώρτζιης Κυπριανού

    Απο νεαρή ηλικιά έχω δείξει το ενδιαφέρον μου στο gaming, αρχίζοντας με το Doom αν θυμάμαι καλά σε Windows 95. Κατα την διάρκεια των χρόνων, έχω παίξει διάφορα παιχνίδια αλλά στην eSports σκηνή ασχολήθηκα παίζοντας Battlefield 3 στους CEMU ( Cyprus Elite Military Unit ). Co-Founder / Web Developer & eSports Manager
  • Gkogkas Antonis

    Hello my fellow Gamers... My name is Antonios Gkogkas. I am from Greece (Xanthi-Serres) and in the last 8 years i live in Cyprus-Larnaka. I am an Animal Scientist Msc Animal Nutritionist. My first touch with video games was a mixture of luck and nintento love! My first game was snow bros on nes when my cousin gave me to test it. Since then my collecting dream was stuck in my head. My mother, 2 years later ,brought me a Ps1 with Crash Bandicoot Racing and Metal Gear Solid 1. Then all started...Uncharted Series, The last of Us and Final Fantasy is one of the most beloved games of mine... Keep gaming...Games serves us...We do not serve games!!
  • Geo

    Τhe story of my life? It all started when i met Max Payne at the age of seven... The rest is a beautiful fairy tale! And of course PC MANIAC!
  • Inspyrouation

    Given breath in LHX, F117 A and Commanche, faced evil in Hunter Hunted and RE2. Explored the space of Earthworms and Necromorphs, the lands of New Austin and Empire city. Forged in the fires of Olympus, fought Dahaka, Vladimir Lem, Pagan Min and the Joker. Responded to the Call of Duty in the Battlefield, as Destiny dictated, in Uncharted waters. Was named Aiden Pearce, Enzio Auditore, Trevor Philips, and Jack Cooper. Hundreds of worlds. Thousands of identities. The life of a gamer.
  • sergis

    All began after my first GameBoy 1994 version after that i was playing all day i got my first N64 and the best game was Zelda and still is and now, am a hard core Gamer with hundreds of friends and am happy to have them all in my gaming life. I love Computers because all my life was about computers so far and i love to build extreme computers for Gaming. I don't like so much consoles i prefer keyboard and mouse and also.


  1. geia sas paidia eimai apo athina kai thelw na methw gia ta gming event sas

    • Γεια σου Στέλιο. Τα Gaming Event τα έχουμε στο HomePage που αφορά γενικός την Κύπρο και μερικά Ελλάδα! Τα δικά μας προσωπικά events του community μας είναι συνήθως κάποια tournament τα οποία επίσης εμφανίζονται στην συγκεκριμένη κατηγορία που ανέφερα πιο πάνω. Εάν χρειάζεσαι περισσότερες πληροφορίες μπορείς να επικοινωνήσεις μαζί μας μέσω της σελίδας μας στο FB!


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